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Blitz TOK, MPD, and Spire (warflags)

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  • Blitz TOK, MPD, and Spire (warflags)

    Please make it possible to use warflags in MPD, Spire, TOK, DI, BI, Etc. Sometimes it's not possible to find enough people for runs and it would be great if you could use a warflag to get an NPC version of a guildmate or friend to help you on your run. It would also be great if we could BLITZ TOK, Spire, MPD, etc. There are so many new additions to the game that require a lot of time that it is extremely difficult to get all the activites done each day if you have a busy life.

    Also, arena fights take much longer to complete now due to wedding rings, higher HP and stats, etc. Each match an drag on for over 5 minutes and with 15 arena attempts this adds up to quite a chunk of time. With so much new content, we need more options! Doing the same dungeons and daily events day in and day out is quite boring and adds to player attrition.