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  • [Suggestions] Old & New ideas!

    (I doubt i am first with this & sorry if my suggestions offend anybody)

    Unlock the last 3 farm spaces.

    Cross server Guild versus Guild too (Because in most servers 1 guild is stronger then the rest so a GvG within server is pretty much set from the beginning).

    Spontaneous Big Bad World Boss. (Rewards for 0.3/0.5/0.8% damage dealt to World Boss,maybe for 2-3 days every now and then)

    Spontaneous Bounty Quest Bonus Bouty. (30 Bountys, maybe for 2-3 days every now and then)

    Ability to unlock Astral Inventory Rows with Vouchers.

    A Market with Vouchers/Coins with worse items then the current Market, but one that could help players a little less for more peoples =).

    2 Hour VIP Cards from Mystery Box (This is so that peoples who can not buy VIP now can get it for some time & use their VIP Tokens.)

    Something that can be done for characters who is AFKing in BG (It really disturbs when your team lose because 6-7 is AFK).

    2 Free Catacombs instead of 1 free catacomb during the increased catacomb event, so that those who can't buy Crypt Keys don't lose so much in XP compared to those who run 4 runs during this.

    Adding maybe 10/5 Treasure Chest Pieces to winning/losing team in Battle Ground (not much, and helpfull )

    GIVING REWARD FOR PREVIOUS FLOORS WHEN SKIPPING IN CRYPT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Tokens,gems & EXP if we could PLEASE gain these while skipping floors & gain from the skipped floors)
    It would save so much time & make things funny(er) if we could USE catacomb skipping option & gain rewards, right now it is just totally USELESS as one will not gain all crypt tokens, drops or EXP(you don't gain anything from doing it) if one skips floors.

    Remove the Harvesting Icon in Farm when somebody has planted Pupmkin Seeds that can not be picked-_- this has ticked me off so so so so so so much. Really annoying & disturbing when you're trying to take your "share" of others crops

    Adding an option to "Sell All astrals" so you can choose color lets say ; turn it on green, selling all green etc.

    An option where you make your AI cast some skills > others, this would make Defending easier & Attacking harder, which could also result in better fights =)
    EX: (mage) Rain of fire (1) Restoration (2) Lightning Bolt (2) etc.

    When performing Enlightment please add a Confirmation Sign. (I missclicked it & lost 1m daru when upgrading my knights D

    (This is for my own gain -> ->: Updates at Wednesdays!(maintainces))
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