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I like the little changes

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  • I like the little changes

    I like the fact that you made little changes to the various prizes throughout the game. The players will like to see the dimension rewards they now get with check-ins. The guild wheel has some more modern items. In general, it's harder to put a date on those features.

    On to the complaints ...

    In guild wheel, I don't like the "EXP" button giving those books. I always thought it should give exp. scrolls and stamina potions. In check-in, the daru pearls and gold chests are very outdated. ... and why not add runestones while you're in there.

    ... that's about it.
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    Books in guild wheel is better then it going to your exp bar and u can sell them so its ok..

    Do agree runestones should be added to the wheel tho but that lowers the rate on crypt key and socket rods. Only good rewards minus lv5 pots and scrolls for CW and such the rest is iffy at best.. Hp is ehh i have 120m saved up from leaving past guild and keeps pulling 100k and 500k hp from wheel so not running out and time soon even with 115k hp unless i do G.Beast
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