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How about a retro wartune?

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  • How about a retro wartune?

    This game used to be fun. Now its just tedious and getting more ridiculous. How about a retro wartune back when it was your character without sylphs and this stuff you just added. Your character was what it was and you improved it not everything under the sun. Today its what can you spend money on and the winner is the one with the most money. I put some into this game but i cant keep up nor do i want to. Right now I am contemplating just giving it all up because its no longer a game of character but of money. I would pay a more monthly price for the old wartune when it was fun not a chore.

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    its always been about the money even back when it was just characters. instead of paying for sylphs was all about who had most mounts and still is.
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      True but fewer things to pay for and not as time consuming simpler and more fun


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        pff. You know you love the 800+ different things a day you have to do to keep somewhat competitive in the game.
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          The good old days when wings were needed for competitiveness

          Getting any leg set made you really powerful esp when you fully socketed it

          BG was fun, GB interesting, VIP gave you an edge

          When it was all strategy and play style not obsessed cashing and time burning
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