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Cancel dimension pvp immediately

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    Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
    This game has already lost a lot of players, please stop the bleeding before it's too late. And in the future, actually think through new features all the way. Players generally enjoy pvp, they do not like brutalizing weaker players, for the most part. The ones that do like that drive other players out of the game, so you should not be encouraging that kind of behavior. Or in this case, requiring it.
    Im convinved that is the aim, to lose players.
    Im sure they want people to quit and use other newer games.
    Surely that must be the case, they cannot seriously think any of their marketing, development or support moves will encourage players to stay?


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      Originally posted by Astroglide View Post
      Your pixels frighten others. #peitisthatdumb
      Its Piet not peit, stevie wonder.


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        Originally posted by pietjeprecies View Post
        Its Piet not peit, stevie wonder.