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  • Farm items.

    I am very thankful for all of the new stuff. But I am also a bit perplexed by it. As we have all noticed we now get A LOT of farm items. And now those items are taking up a lot of room in our inventories.

    I very strongly believe that with all of the numerous items that we now get from our farms and bonfires that the farm should have its own separate vault. And I mean as in the "vault" it has. But yet keeping the items out of the inventory for everything else.

    Has anyone else ran out of room without having to pay over $5 USD to open a new slot in inventory backpack?

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    Yeah they put in a nice house.

    why not make that the spot where you can put your farm stuff.
    and make rows or space to be openend using gold or farm related stuff.


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      Well they do have a separate building for "farm vault" But it still takes up so much space in inventory.


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        i would suggest those also.. like a 'cupboard' of sorts for the farm materials.. outputs (milk, horns, antlers, etc), the weeds (red, green, blue, forage), and the buffs (tea).. really eat so much bag slots x_x if it's not possible, then hope they make the extra bag pages 'permanent' instead of on a rental basis..
        ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O


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          So true, just counting the things you really have to keep in inventory:
          - forage to feed animals, 1 space
          - magic grass, 2-3 spaces (if you give up on hooves and hp drinks, need only 2)
          - animal drops, 2-4 spaces, depending on if you have any horses & goats or not
          - milk, 1 space
          - vulcan's benediction, from campfires, 1 space

          Add to that space for any milk teas you make, and it's a minimum of 7 new slots, up to 14. On top of that, 9 all new items that have to be saved were added, as well as giving us a chance at free sylph evo mats that have to be saved for a long time. So close to 20 slots at the low end, pushing 30 at the high end, and none of it stuff you can dump into mail and forget about for a few weeks.

          Once again, I feel stupid for not unlocking the last 1/2 page with vouchers. Could have had 19 months of that 4th page rental for what I spent to unlock the last of that 3rd page.


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            I refuse to spend the amount of money to unlock a few spots in my inventory. =(


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              Inventory space really should not be limited...or at least give everyone the first 3 pages free--quite a few people will rent the 4th if they haven't already. The most difficult part of the game currently is managing inventory space.


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                Seriously need to give us a break on the cost of opening lines. Pretty ridiculous the massive increase of items we need now with no other changes to help manage that besides a new rental page in the pack. I might consider renting the 4th if it didnt cost so bloody much to finish opening the 3rd.
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                  They will not give us free inventory because it is all about the money. They want you to spend money, just like anything else with this game. IMO, it is like they are wanting people to quit between the inventory and all the other **** they are pulling right now. I think they are really trying to get rid of totally free and inactive players and by inactive I mean that do not play every day but still log in few times a week or so. People don't want to be forced to play a certain way and that is what is happening.

                  Do I wish they would give us free space? Well yeah, but don't think it will happen.