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I want remake Archer "Poison Arrow" skill !

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  • I want remake Archer "Poison Arrow" skill !

    What would happened if we had "silence arrow" instead of "Poison Arrow" with effect " prevent enemy casting spells for 2 turns, QTE : discharge 1 negative buff for yourself
    I'm not playing here but at my country, Archer cashers use set 50 and they build skill without Multi Shot or Arrow strike, just Deep Freez with Armor Piercer for BG and astral give 40% damage but no crit !! How come ?

    PS: sorry for my bad E !

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    after this

    mage will request for :
    4 rage per hit
    castinador, chance rate increased to 25%

    knight :
    decrease agoran shield cd to 20 second
    tenacity increased to 10% each level. so at lv3, knight can have 30% damage reduction.
    or, since you ask for silence, knight will have skill that inflict stun for 2 turn

    btw, archer already have armor piercer (-def) and scatter shot ( erase enemy buff).
    and if you don't play here, you have no right to suggest anything.
    Originally posted by hacs107 View Post
    I'm not playing here but at my country, -cut-