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Add a 'die now' Button

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  • Add a 'die now' Button

    Or Run away..something to let you leave a battle. Had a case where it was clear we weren't going to win against the new double boss, but had to wait 5 min for the last guy to die, since he was regenning almost as much as he was getting damaged. Or, for last boss, one attempt is need to find out what res to use, and we'd like to die quickly.
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    Wouldn't it be easier to just have it state what boss it is? Or give hint, like the final 2 monster squad that's always wind, have them change attribute depending on what the final boss is? right now it's basicly go in, lose a few 100k's hp pack


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      one of the few interesting and real useful suggestion i had read, thought you are the first i see posting that, i alredy wished myself from a long time.
      sadly nobody will read anything here so will remain a dream,

      above everything, to me, the most important thing in this game is to save as much time as possible.

      anyways not only for pve stuff (example):

      you wont clearly pass that level in spire , why wait? insta death and move to the next thing.
      things are getting bad in a dungeon boss (for whatever reason)? why wait, insta death and repeat if you need or move to the next thing.
      things are getting bad in wilds, why wait? etc, etc...

      i would really like in pvp aspect:

      just 4 example:

      1.(arena party) the battle start, you see you are matched with people you already know you want win against or you are bored to do a 5 mins balanced fight
      (where you can win or lose) for a stupid and almost useless attempt? insta death, move to the next battle or thing to do.
      for this aspect is really annoying an stupid when a party that wont clearly win, try all their effort just to stay alive some more secs or minutes, i mean just die, you really have time to waste.

      2.(arena party) you want just to consume attempt to complete a quest or for whatever reason? why i have to wait the battle to end (where as i mention early people just waste so much (in win or lose)
      with useless skills, like when a full orange 2nd evolved party against a purple sylphos waste turn to use runes,heal,shield,etc.etc. i mean just attack and kill us fast, damn.
      i will add an option to start arena party alone or in less than 4, i mean should be my choice, why i am forced to ask-wait for other 3 people if i dont care?

      3.(bg) almost similar, a super op guy attack you? why i have to wait (or why should i even try to postpone the end)? insta-death and move to the next (even there i see a lot of br wasted in useless skills and turns,
      like when a 700k br (br before new patch) attack you and use first a rune (amnesia-chaos-sheild-etc.) then maybe use sunt, or heal only cause has 5% lower his max hp, then maybe attack you, i mean *** just kill me, you damn.

      4.(bg) similar to the main point and problem are those people who continues to heal heal protect shield shield and make the battle last 5 mins only to ry to win (maybe wont even win), i mean *** you really care so much to win?
      you could just told and i would have let you win, damn you, why you force me to stay 5 mins here? i remember one time i faced a mage with triton, heal rune , shiled rune , and healings and shield skills on triton,
      basically he did nothing to me for 4 mins, just heal heal protect heal, *** in that occasion i wish i had an option to decide to die and i would have used after 40 secs of seeing that ****.


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        When it comes to BGs, the instant death for me would never be used against these mega-whales as I have a deep abiding love for wasting as much time as I possibly can. You monkeys want to spend a house a month on this? That's fine, feel the wrath of my time wasting amazingness!

        But the overhealers with shields are aggravating. Watching a person drop a 450k heal on themselves after taking 30k damage then follow it up with another after illusioning a delphic, yeeeahh that's brilliant.

        However, for those boss battles and stuff where death is inevitable yet taking forever, a suicide button would be amazing, and good for saving time.
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