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So sad...

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  • So sad...

    It seems like you are not listening to us r2games
    We write you tons and tons of bugs, lags, problems, ideas and nothing. Not even reply from GameMaster.
    I am one of huge fans of this game and its sad to see all those wishes not coming true. At least tell us that is there any chance for our suggestions/problem. Its so simple...
    + do something with events, bring old ones
    Sorry if this thread is against rules (i don't know )so please.
    B.T.W. : GB lagged epic time last night

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    yes, they don't communicate.
    yes, lag is worst after they added new troops. in arena, it's a nightmare.
    RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
    Wartune : NonoBoulot : S181 : Archer


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      Event thread will be close thread because R2 know than the playes will reply with much recharger and spend balens event coming every day, R2 will add x1 item free to exchange and x1 cash to exchange, same like the eudaemon signet and vessel, more money for R2, more recharger, more mega epic spender, more lag, more lag, more lag, more disconection...
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