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  • Eudaemons

    It would be nice, for eudaemons to get an astral system.

    Why? Well they have gear, they have gems,skills. What else missing to be like a ur hero? only astrals and talents missing.
    For me, the eudaemon replace the player from mpd. i used to do samsara or LL normal run solo, and ask for help at second boss if it was lizard.
    Now with eudaemons i dont need help anymore. so it would be cool if they get an astral system.
    Maybe not same as hero astrals but still.
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    I think that.. is actually quite an interesting idea. While we do not know what will happen in the future, especially with the newness of this and the fact what we get does not always mirror china or the other platforms, I hope they will give consideration to your suggestion.. and thanks for making it
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      What about sylphs for Eudaemons ?
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        With pleasure. sweetwaters, i think sylphs for eudaemons is already too much.
        We have eudaemons to get some help in daily stuff, ofc not alot help but still get some and thats very usefull for some people .
        I come from a world that you don't understand!


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          i want my eudamons to do my runs for me. <_<
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