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A few suggestions after the new patch...

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  • A few suggestions after the new patch...

    Some random things, I write them down as they come...

    1) As D3V8ll stated in this post -> farming is a mess now and it's very time consuming. Switching between farm requires loading and you also have to move around to explore the whole thing (which is terrible if you think we have 7+ pages of friends to check). If you can't give us some buttons to speed up this process - again, check the link - would it be possible at least to have some kind of Mass Energize button in your farm that energizes simultaneously all of your friends in need?;

    2) I'm sure someone has mentioned this somewhere but would it be possible to fix the Hide players button in World Boss? It's a huge step forward and I'm thankful for it, but it's buggy and a bit annoying the way it works now;

    3) would it be possible to get the same button in Guild Beast (asked again, and again, and again, and again). It lags a lot. Nuff said;

    4) I can't find it again but I remember a guy posted a GREAT idea about implementing a rare item (obtainable somewhere in-game FOR FREE) that could unlock inventory slots. It would be awesome to implement it IMHO, especially now that our inventory are exploding;

    5) alternatively, since Eudaemons have so many pages, why don't you add their own inventory pages? All their stuff ends up there instead of filling our main toons' inventories;

    6) an option to select different types of gems and convert them all at the same time, some kind of mass conversion, just to make things faster;

    7) a way to make the order of the actions in arena party fights clearer. We're 8vs8 now and it's very confusing to follow the queue.

    8) maxed out Guild Vault unlocks 2 pages instead of 1 (so lvl 5 unlocks the first page completely, lvl 10 unlocks the second one).

    9) it would be nice if it was possible to speed up blitz/streak (Catacombs, Necropolis, Campaign) using gold or some kind of other second currency.

    Thanks in advance for your attention. Peace & Love!

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    1) Just a Button that you can click next to a name of a player to energize tree but not go to the farm would be nice and a lot faster then loading the whole farm.

    2) Yes i agree. fix that button.

    3) Guild beast would benefit a lot from it yes.

    4) Maybe a simple item that you have to be lucky to get somewhere like in Sacrifice thingy that unlocks a row or just even 1 slot would be greatly appreciated.

    5) yeah Special Eudamon inventory. . make it buyable with Gold daru or Kyranite. . or some special item from the farm stuff . but not balen please.

    6) Convert all would be nice. . Same as you can Recycle all your gear in 1 go. most of the time you recycle to 1 kind of gem anyway.

    7) Totally agree.

    8) Yeah double the Guild vault level so you can have more space would be nice.

    9) **


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      I hope some game master can actually say it has been sent to the devs because it's bad to see decent ideas gone to waste
      Mad love for my crew

      The golden rule in wartune
      Guess whose back with trouble?


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        Originally posted by sweetwaters View Post
        I hope some game master can actually say it has been sent to the devs because it's bad to see decent ideas gone to waste
        Thanks and bump. Hopefully a mod will see this post.


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          It would be nice for the farm to have it's own vault too with all the stuff we have to collect there.


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            they need more ways to gain socketing rods. this world prosperity bumped me to lvl 70, used all my socketing rods on my 50 gear(had planed to slow down 50-60 so could get full legend 50 before hitting 60). had no time to gain anymore for the gear i now have to make so that i can do anything in battlegrounds besides being killed in 1 hit when i come out of spawn.

            even if its in the adv guild shop using the fangs i'd be fine with that. all my bound balens are now going on inventory for all the ** stuff now coming in & eud skill boxes.


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              yeah i know the problem with all the BB. .
              i am also using everything i get to open inventory slots. .