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dimension advice.

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  • dimension advice.

    so i have 3 dimensions that ends on same day and was thinking that i should give up a dimension(one of those 3)(all 3 are basic, the other 2 are an interm and an advanced) and start another one. since i have 1500 steps that for a few days now i dont have on what to use. so cancel a dimesion, start another one, and finish it in max 2 days(interm) and i dont lose who knows what rewardseither way(5 mahra/sep). what do you guys think?

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    Basic dimension you should be able to finish with 1500 steps. I'd ditch one and finish one if you can. That is, as long as you've already cleared out most of the chests and mobs in it first.


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      yep all 5 are cleared of chests and all that, and seriously i killed mobs around in some of em last few days, since all dim were clered before new patch. but since they back to full health i am to lazy to stay and go look around inside dim for monsters


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        The new dimension has a lot more to offer. I clear a basic per day currently, if it's occupied, I check for free steps and treasure thief/dragons den the person might have "skipped", open a new one, redo til I get an empty.

        Today I did 3, first one occupied, got 2 treasure thieves, second one as well, got 3 treasure thieves + 3-4 icon with free energy. 3rd was new luckily


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          How do you know if someone has attacked one of your dimensions?


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            Originally posted by R210239287 View Post
            How do you know if someone has attacked one of your dimensions?
            You just open a new dimension and you could be in someone else's dimension. If that happens, there will be a flashing icon beside the dimension.

            So far none of mine have been attacked by anyone else yet.


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              can you go to the next floor even if some1 else occupy the towers?
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