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(Suggestion)GreatPaul's list of new function.

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  • (Suggestion)GreatPaul's list of new function.

    I created this suggestion to win at the event,so do check this out!!


    At the start of each "fights" arena/BG there will be a calculations on how much is your chance of winning.

    Ex:you have 21k br and your opponent has a battle-rating of 1,5kbr the calculation will show how much is your chance of winning in this case (91,9%) the maxed calculation is 99,9%.

    World boss SOLO MODE

    DO you notice that every world boss everyones moving at the same time that can slowdown or worst crash your game?

    imagine you can't even walk becuase of that situation and you lose so much gold/daru for that.

    my suggestion is to have a solo mode that will let you fight wold boss without seeing everyone else moving .

    Solo dunguens

    So you run out of multi-player attemps? and notice you have stamina at 200% so you decided to go solo dunguening,the thing is it can get repetive at times in short "boring" now if you would add the same function at the catacombs to solo dunguens players cashers /non-cashers will earn more gold/daru/item's.

    Thats all my suggestions ...^_^
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    With the new patch coming out in the next few weeks there will be a "blitzing" which if I'm reading it clearly will allow you to complete solo dungeons and catacombs instantly. It will take gold to do it but will speed up the process. Would prolly be similar to going afk but instantaneous if I had to guess.

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