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  • 1 click astral

    Now that VIP 6 members can 1 click capture astrals for 100k, 1million and 10 million, I'd like to suggest doing a revision for the old 1 click-capture option that is available to VIP 4 players.

    Since VIP 4 1 click capture only allows for 1 screen worth of astrals to be done at a time, It might be nice to allow free players to use this option, In hopes of speeding up the game a little, and letting the avergae player have a chance of competeing with the high-BR cashers. Clicking astrals takes huge amounts of time and clicking to make a dent in raising owned astral xp. This one little thing would be a tremendous help.

    along with this suggestion, removing the system announcement for collecting a Yellow astral might be needed. There is no need to see 45 of them roll across your screen when someone spends 10 million . It makes having conversations and arranging runs very difficult to manage when our posts are lost in space.
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    I agree with removing the notification for yellow astrals. Especially with these gold comp packages everybody got from the sylph enchant deal. I know of some players spending billions in gold, you could not talk at all for a long time when they spend that gold.

    Keep the notification for red ones but get rid of the orange ones.
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      If players have the gold for the 1 click capture then they should be abke to use it, in fact it should be available for anyone VIP or NON-VIP.


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        very nice suggestion. yeah being a free player would love to see the 1 click astral capture option for us.
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