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The retirement thread

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  • The retirement thread

    I guess it's been fun while it lasted, but I'm out within the next two weeks.

    The clincher is the 4.0 patch. After having headaches trying to get teams together for arena, DI, BI, wilds bosses, having everything take anywhere from twice to four times as long is my cut-off point for a game. I think it utterly incomprehensible the way the developers are adding things seemingly without any thought whatsoever to the impact it has on the community, so if the issue is not from R2 bringing our concerns to 7Road's attention, then clearly R2 needs to reconsider licencing games from 7Road. Currently, having at best one or two "free" events and the rest exclusive to people paying money is a most excellent way to lose word of mouth advertising and server traffic.

    There have been many concerns expressed with the changes brought in by 4.0:
    - increased latency (likely from Eudaemons)
    - loss of dimension (doubtful free or low spending players will open higher end dimensions if they risk losing them immediately, should be when there is only 20% duration left or less, not 100-80%)
    - the awkwardness of farms now. They count as a dungeon area for invites to dungeon runs, and harvesting plants is just bulky compared to what it was
    - the return of stun ability to wilds elites and bosses. Did this really need to make a comeback considering the latency issue?
    - the across the board watering down of rewards in general.

    I'd like to thank those who have helped directly (the mostly decent folks in my server, past and present) and indirectly (moderators, Stephen Deschains and GingerTheHutt for their excellent guides), but my time here is coming to an end. For those who are staying, best of luck and enjoy the game as best you can.

    IGN: TreeTopper
    Server: whatever the merged Kabam S15/25 is called. I forgot.
    Guild: ESKReborn
    Class: None (Ok..Ok.. Archer)
    Battle Rating: 550547 Currently Retired from Wartune

  • #2
    nice another leaver!

    id love to see more of you.

    in our server, 5 people just quitted after the patch.

    R2 just dont wanna take responsibility. They all just suck it up to 7road
    Level 49 Archer
    BR 150k


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      Well,if everyone is leaving, then might as well join the majority

      But I'll stick here and see how it goes around

      Farewell! Thee,for who thou art wartuner?
      Mad love for my crew

      The golden rule in wartune
      Guess whose back with trouble?


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        since the new update 3 strong players in my guild br. 700-900k leave the building, understand their dissatisfaction i talked to one of them and the reason is news update and thirst for money of not a spender like my ex guild mates but im not blind to see every day big spender event, mega spender, mount train with balens etc etc and every day NEW BIG SPENDER..recently you add sylph adv evolve and many ppl spend money, now edaemon ppl need to spend more and more...ofcourse is a busines here R2 need money, but to have daily big spender and major update so close is madness i repet 3 best br player in my guild just quit....the game become ugly with new chenges and soon meybe empty


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          After 1 year+ I came back to wartune when 579 server started (approx 1 month ago). Planned to stay at 40-49 for a while and now I would like to go 50 and farm 50lvl gear.. well, 2 levels in 30min and i realized that i will be most likely way over lvl60 or more before I have even 1 pieces of 50lvl set.
          What was intend of this?
          I just want to know who was this idiot who planned this 1000% exp? Go work to mcdonalds and stop tryin to use your "brains".
          Luckily didnt manage to spent enough yet.

          BB and this time never coming back.


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            Originally posted by ATreeTopper View Post
            Good luck and Godspeed.
            may you will find happiness wherever you go.
            Originally posted by Wraithraiser
            Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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              I think I will be joining you as well VIP and spirit covenant ends today wont renew for the first time in over a year I see no point to play the game huge cashers getting stronger and stronger absolutely no good events for low cashers to free players in a very long time besides the one unlimited gem event , it used to take 20min in arena now takes over 30min and by the end everything is slow motion there is just to much GREED R2 is worse then wall street lol MetalMulisha S454 br I think is 828k not sure with the guardian giving me fake br


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                End of an era. Good luck and have fun where ever you go.
                Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
                You are just a freakozoid... Monster of Frankenstein meets Jabba the Hutt... Frabba the Huttstein... :P
                Originally posted by CreamySaucepan
                Behind every fat Space Slug is a blood thirsty sociopath urging it on.


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                  should i congratulate you?!!

                  anyway...good luck for those who took the same path as we are
                  I Quit, if you wanna ask regarding to any of my thread or post, i wont answer you.
                  and do me a favor, downgrade my reputation. Im done.


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                    i think to quit too !

                    Too much useless thing are added....

                    Too much lag now....

                    They change event template every 3 month....

                    NO event for low casher / free user ....

                    No competitive fight ( win fast or lose fast )

                    Arena with euademon is a joke....

                    New mini game and farm are time spender....

                    New second boss dongeon can take an hour if you miss the last hit....

                    Inventory slot need to be upgraded again... with balens

                    Evolved sylph not possible without cashing....

                    MAGE is the master class now....

                    TOO MUCH BAD THING ....


                    • #11
                      Good-bye & take care. Guess I might do the same at any time. Just not sure when they would be. Game isn't very playable any more. I just miss the people.


                      • #12
                        I myself was thinking of leaving for a few days now. I am giving R2 one last chance to fix things with the next patch, and if that does not happen, I too will leave. I have way too many friends that left since the patch before this last one was implemented, and my guild is almost empty now (most players in my guild have been offline for over 2, 3 months now, in fact, we just had an election for a new guild master since ours quit, we only have about 5 active players left). This was much more fun in 2012/2013.


                        • #13
                          yeah they ****** this game up with the new patch... like *** is a eudamon its like some pokemon ********

                          the jewel hunt is gone.. thats a fukc up

                          i like the new mini game.. you beat 3 levels and u get 1,000,000 gold. i prob shouldnt have pointed that out.. they'll prob fukc that up too

                          and sylph arena is fukced up too now...

                          what else did they fukc up....? (end rant)


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                            i prefer play to win not pay to win

                            dota, league, smite, etc.
                            IGN/Server: Crusader Kabam 62
                            Class: Archer
                            Battle Rating: 275k (with herc br)

                            Guild: Black Lotus
                            Sylph: Hercules ★★ 46968
                            Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                            but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


                            • #15
                              Everyone quits eventually.

                              See ya!
                              Officially retired from Wartune and Forums.
                              [No longer logging in]