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Block/HP instead of PDEF/MDEF

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    Originally posted by R282358633 View Post
    even 100k br noob can survive with agron shield in DI.. basicly boss hits 100% of your hp and agron shield absorbs 20% of damage so u are left with 20% of your hp..
    One reason why my archer always wants at least one knight for DI and why she has a knight eudaemon
    If her eud inherits 90% of her stats, I bet the eud can tank way better than her LOL

    Originally posted by R282358633 View Post
    knights are diferent from other clases.. when i was runing 350k br archer (without eudaemons) i needed block for expert dimension otherwise was bad no chance for last boses..
    but having 10-20k block didnt made much diference in damage, only in block rate.. so no reduce damage on higher block for other clases
    Maybe the extra % from Tenacity in some way also impact blocking effect although not documented?


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      For PVE situations-Block/HP would be the way go as bosses esp hit regardless of your DEF,a constant Damage
      Block trigger rate is higher for knight as crit is for archer hence more lucrative, with mages, not so sure

      DEF(Pdef/mdef) is better for PVP situation as player damage depends on other player's DEF,the higher the better
      BLOCK is a trigger so can't be chiefly depended on with PVP,although can be a life saver same as illusion astral
      This is in Imao though may or may not be accurate but you get the point
      Mad love for my crew

      The golden rule in wartune
      Guess whose back with trouble?


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        Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
        isn't penetration the reason why so many people stopped using bloc ?
        in European server, all the top knight are around 6k bloc
        Max penetration is only 5-6k. With high lvl gems and high lvl soul mark, that's not really an obstacle anymore.