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marriage---the new way to lose friends

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    nice ...i am just happy i have not met people like them in real life ....maybe i should be a bit mean from now on to keep players like that away from me


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      Tl;dr original post, way too many lines in that paragraph.

      Its a game, getting married in a game should benefit both players, so "marry" someone you do stuff with and get on with. If people ask you to get married and you don't want to, don't do it and don't feel guilty about it. You are playing the game for you, not anyone else and you don't have to give a reason for not doing it anyway. This is not real life, this is a game.

      I'm still unmarried on S5, i don't need to be married, i do well with xp gains for my talents, for a lil bit of BR its really not needed for my char there. I think the same can be said for everyone really.

      My "hubby" on S333 is inactive, being married is pretty much useless unless you have level 4 ring and absolutely no money sense to increase your ring further than that.
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        No one ever asked me to get married
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          i'm not married in game either...way i figure it..why bother paying $150 dollars plus when it cost the same amount to get married in real life?


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            Most of my best friends are of same gender. Can I marry anyone of same gender? girl - girl / boy - boy or is it possible only girl - boy? I have not married yet and no one asked me.


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              Originally posted by Yamaneko123 View Post
              Most of my best friends are of same gender. Can I marry anyone of same gender? girl - girl / boy - boy or is it possible only girl - boy? I have not married yet and no one asked me.
              same sex marriage is possible
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                You also sometimes find that someone gets upset when you get in-game married to someone else. It's just a game. However, there are individuals who don't have a social structure offline and become illogically attached to various personalities and screen names. When they get weird and stalkerish, use your blacklist. An entire server turning against you is either over-dramatized perception or a server of tweens. If people are upset, does it really matter? See sentence #2. It's just a game.
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                  Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
                  same sex marriage is possible
                  only on some servers, its illegal on others
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                  Originally posted by Wraithraiser
                  but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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                    Originally posted by Hell.Hound View Post
                    I dont like the new marriage system.Its good if u find someone to marry and they stay with u in the server.But what if u dont want to marry. I know u will say that we r free to chose if we want to get married or not. But what happens when a player asks you and u refuse them..Well all hell breaks loose or it might be just happening to me . It happened to me on 2 different servers. One of the guy i declined was ok with it ..he was still friendly and all but it was awkward ..we ended up doing most of our runs separately..The 2nd guy i declined took it the bad way...he ended up plundering me all the time...attacking me and only me when ever he got the chance in bg and amethyst mine .Even in world chat he had been extremely rude to me.Like we did not have a hard time already making friends who helped each other and keeping players in a server.Now if one has been rejected or rejected someone it creates animosity between players .And god help us if we or our partner are eyed by they other players for the taking.Why did wartune do this to us (or me).We were already divided as free players vs cashers,,guild vs guild and players that we just did not get along with . I dont know about you all but i end up losing fellow guild members and friends because of this marriage system . Guild members switching guild cause they did not want to be in the same guild as the player who rejected them . I know wartune wanted to make money but is not the kid system enough .For all i care they could have added pets to the game to cash on or have crowns .Why not create a best friend system instead of the marriage system which would have perks (only one best friend) if getting hit on in the beginning of wartune wasnt enough . This marriage system has made me switch servers as it was too much to handle...and i can handle players hating me for no reason but this... . I dont like wartune any more....If i wanted a partner i would get married in real life not in a game.This game already takes up too much time as it is, if u want to have a average toon .
                    at least u didnt marryed and 1 day after that...ur so called husband is quiting b/c u runned mpds with another guy)))))
                    All i can say is....some pll need to grow up lmao
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