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  • academy reset

    Here is a suggestion on academy point would it be possible to add a reset button so we can resetting our point. In any case we make mistake like me who foolish add some point on magic attack (MATK) for Archer i know that so mess up. Maybe a use the voucher as a cost for the reset or gold for the reset.

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    This would work if it had a "point" system like skills (Skill Points), but since it doesn't, wouldn't we have to spend all that Kyanite to upgrade our techs again? If they could implement a point system just for the reset, then that would be cool. But I have to wonder if they would go through all that just for something as minor as this.

    I also made the same mistake and accidentally clicked on MATK instead of PATK for my Archer (I play two characters; an Archer and a Mage, and my Mage is my main, so I was used to upgrading MATK instead of PATK). It would be nice to have some way to reset in the case of those kind of mistakes happening, but at the same time, all you have to do is remember to take it slow and cautious when you're upgrading your techs.
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      yup i plan to train a mage too archer is a secondary character i do find is interesting. But overall mage should be better in the long run


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        i think that they should some how find a way to change acadamey to where it can reset. until i reached lvl 40 i never needed troop matk but now i have angels and it seems like i wasted so much on troop patk and im not ever going to use troop patk agains


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          should set a system for academy resetting with a different item or voucher stuff


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            Anyone play Baldur's Gate or Planescape Torment? Think of the stat page, just add in to the academy, a plus (+) an a minus (-).
            plus for regular upgrading, minus however will give half the kyanite back. Cost gold to use the minus to balance it out, plus the other half of the kyanite could called a fee for the academy (whatever ppl in the building is doing the upgrades for us, wants to get a fee for their services).

            and if a cooldown is added, just make it half the time it takes to upgrade to unupgrade. simple.
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