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the 2nd Eudaemon : random or defined ?

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    yes it sucks hope they change it fast so we can start chosing 1. for me just to have more bagspace those skills take up so much space and if you get 600 chest all that sorting out in the mail and i am lucky to have 4 different eudaemon just missing hunter


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      I guess I've been lucky,but wondering if an engulf
      option would come up like with sylph's.would be nice
      as an option for extra's rather than just delete.


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        And now there is another new euda coming. And we can still only have 3 inventory pages and 1 vault page for storage. Something has to give.


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          Dear R2,
          I am not complaining, and I don't want to complain. But if you keep filled all my slots with battle oracles, please at least let me know how to get rid of it... Please.....


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            my main is a hunter i have 3,2 knights,1 mage and scourge mage.i used have have my knight as my main but cant removed diamonds now i have same problem with my hunter.your game devs suck cant removed diamonds puts me at disadvantage.


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              Haven't read all of the posts in this thread, but anyway, in my opinion, the Scourge Mage is probably more effective for instances where you need to increase your damage over a shorter period of time. However, as someone else pointed out, they tend to have a shorter lifespan due to the nature of their buffs. They're probably more effective for mages since they would last longer. Knights that use Iris/Triton/Poseidon sylphs may find them useful against other melee classes, but I think that as a melee class if you have to support your eudaemon(constantly healing them) to keep them alive like you would a Scourge Mage, its a waste of turns/rounds that you can otherwise be dealing damage to your opponents.

              I know absolutely nothing about Wind Ranger eudaemon as I only have the Hunter, Mage, Oracle, and Knight. From what it sounds like, its what I would consider to be a "specialty" eudaemon(i.e. most effective against a specific class). I would focus on leveling up/strengthening a Hunter, Oracle, and Knight before working on one of the newer eudaemons.


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                Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post

                some people created their second eudaemon. they couldn't chose the one they wanted.
                so far, the 2 I know who did it got a different one.
                - the mage with archer eudaemon got a knight eudaemon
                - the archer with a mage eudaemon got a knight eudaemon
                is it ?
                - totally random
                - you get one you haven't so far
                I'm a mage, and I picked an archer. Then I got an oracle, then a scourge mage...after that though I started getting repeats. Atm I have 5 oracles, 3 rangers, 2 scourge mages, still just my 1 archer, and still no knight.