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Damage received / inflicted - possibility to toggle show/hide

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  • Damage received / inflicted - possibility to toggle show/hide


    Maybe was posted before, haven't searched tbh.

    Any chance to have the possibility to toggle damage received / inflicted animation numbers from somewhere in settings ? (not only in arena, but global wide). Atm with eudemons it creates lag even on PC that had no problems before (i7 / 16GB / 1GB VRAM).

    Now, to spare you some time writing about browser cookies / cache / flash cache etc, its not a browser or Flash related issue, but since the game is evolving with new stuffs I consider this a must have option for users that don't have 'rockets' or money to buy one. I mean, give us more flexibility in what we choose to see on screen and what we don't. I could add many other options (bugs - WB show/hide / Garbage Collection fails miserably ! / etc) but this one would arrange things a bit.

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    can't agree more.
    first round of arena : 8 players and 8 eudeamons launch area of attack.
    if all survive and all critical, it will give, during a single round, ((8 + 8) * 8)=128(!) critical damage messages who will flood the windows.
    RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
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