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Move items to mail feature

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  • Move items to mail feature

    Please could you consider adding a move items in inventory to mail feature , we can collect mail to inventory but we need to also be able to move items back to mail rather than having to wait for a guild master or assistant or officer to be online to get them to kick us from guild then accept us back 5-6times a week . we have no chance of earning the love thy guild title if we are always needing to be kicked from guild .

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    mail was never designed to be a permanent inventory feature.
    I think that is why they started sending the proceeds of your animals milk and hooves to mail. I've also seen a few other items go there when you are offline. They want you to pay for inventory slots.

    I'm glad I bought all of page 2 with vouchers back in the day. That was the best investment I ever made.
    And with all the free BB floating around, I've bought 1 row on page 3, and considering buying a second row. All these new items arew taking up too much room. But I'll let the game pay for it.
    If you can't win, cash harder