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Keep set or stronger gear?

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  • Keep set or stronger gear?

    Hey, i'm a starting mage and i have a lvl 25 set, but i also have a piece of gear that is stronger than what i'm currently using. Should I use the stronger gear or keep what i use so the set effects will still remain?

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    it depends if the set effect help you a lot then keep it. but in my opinion wear stronger equips you'll be pawned in pvp pve without stronger armors and you will probably replace them with pvp set equips anyways.


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      The level 20 gear (synethesize gear) is only really good up until you hit 30, where you will want to start equipping stronger gear as you get it. The bonus 5 rage points for each attack is nice, but stronger gear will help you perform better in PVP, which I believe is the most important thing.

      For example, let's say you're an Archer: you have Moirai Hat, Moirai Necklace, Moirai Armor, and Moirai Bow. Well if you happen to come across a Sacred Dragonslayer Bow (much higher PATK than Moirai Bow, and can be enchanted to +12 whereas the Moirai Bow can be enchanted to +9) then the best choice is most probably to equip that instead, once you reach level 30 (when it it becomes equippable). If it helps you survive better and last longer in PVP (until you get the level 35 set, which you'll keep until you get the level 45 set). The full level 20 set is good for PVE purposes, but I think replacing some pieces with stronger gear is still the better option as your stats will be much higher and you will have better performance overall.

      I assume you're talking about the Requiem Staff. Or perhaps one of the armors that are equippable at level 25+ (not sure what it's called for mage). I would say you should equip it; it will help make you stronger.
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