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  • Compensation: how to

    After the longest maintenance in the history of Wartune we've received some pretty insignificant compensation.
    Esme, as she stated in the Maintenance post, pushed the devs into increasing it (because of their delay) but... it didn't happen. Whatever reason.

    Now, I know that gratitude is a great skill to master but personally I'm a bit tired of receiving the same/obsolete/useless comp. every single time there's a server shutdown:

    300K Gold
    300K Daru
    1x Extreme Stamina Potion
    1x L2 Bonus EXP Scroll
    1x Bonus Honor Scroll
    20x Sepulcrum

    This stuff is worthless even on low levels IMHO, but there's something easy the devs could do to make everyone happy...

    Remember those nice events where you've got 4 buttons and people can redeem 1 to 4 prizes depending on their level - usually 30, 50, 70 and 80 AFAICR? Good!
    Do the same for compensation! Please! In this way:

    1) you avoid giving out too much to low level players and too little to high level ones;
    2) you can actually give people what they need. A lvl 30 could get Gold, Daru (NICE amounts) and Bound Balens. A lvl 50 some Sylph stuff. A lvl 70 Zeus Blood (or whatever it's called ) for Eudaemons and so forth;
    3) you override the obvious problem of people playing in different time-zones missing different events, thus requesting different items in exchange. You divide people by lvl, not by time-zones;
    4) prizes would be cumulative, as always (eg: a lvl 50 player redeems the lvl 30 and 50 ones, a lvl 80 can redeem everything), so the higher your level, the more things you obviously need and the more items you get.


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    If all the good ideas in this forum were implemented in the game, it would have been such an attractive game. And this is a good idea. Another one. Still not a single one of them in game.


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      hey, just be happy you are up. here on the PC servers, we're approaching 11 hours down and counting...
      If you can't win, cash harder