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I CHALLENGE ALL ARCHER! (Crit dmg % broken?)

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  • I CHALLENGE ALL ARCHER! (Crit dmg % broken?)

    Enhanced Determination lv. 4
    Crit damage increase by 20%

    what does this mean? i assume that this means your critical damage will be increased by 20%
    assuming that you will do 35k dmg on Delphic Sniper on a crit, that should mean 35k x 1.2 = 42000
    assuming again that you do around total dmg of 13k on multi-shot(always crit) 13kx 1.2 = 15600

    so far i don't see a 20% increase at all. so now we all believe it's broken.

    I think there was other post that mentioned before but like many archers i disregarded back then.

    Archers have all mentioned that the Crit dmg % increase astral is broken, but i disregarded it as myth and legend.
    because, how could an astral be broken without them noticing it? people have argued that you just need to level the astral higher level or you need to level up your character higher because your damage isn't high enough to show it. i kind of agreed at the time and i just went along like the rest of the sheep. Today, after talking to several top archers on my server, i decided to do some testing myself.

    I know i don't have a lot of data yet. But this is what i did
    i did 3 world boss with astral of crit damage increase by 20%
    and i did 3 world boss again without crit damage.
    (screenshot will be posted when i get home)
    here are my findings so far.


    I took screenshots of all 6 wbs and in the end, i have come to the conclusion that since i can average around the same damage with or without this astral, why am i bothering with it? what's the point? why have no one reported this before? if we all report it, wouldn't a G.M. look into it and to see if it works? if they mean the astral increase crit damage only by 2% increase of 20% then i would totally understand right now, but a 20% increase at 30k+ crit SHOULD be noticeable. I totally understand that we have a range of how much damage we do and we do low and we do high on the same skill, but either way, a critical shot SHOULD SHOW 20% difference when you are wearing that astral. if it didn't even show why have i been wearing it for all these times.

    (when i get home i'll post screenshots and will edit this 1st post and gather more data. i will test more days with and without astral for it). If this astral is truly broken, then archer might as well use will destroyer then.)

    I beseech and CHALLENGE ALL ARCHERS out there to do their own testing and show screenshots and post their own data of testing this Critical damage astral, if we can gather enough data to show that this Astral truly isn't increase your damage by 20% , 25% 30% then we can at least get the G.M. to look into it and maybe fixing something they didn't know was broken.

    I'm just saying it's not increasing damage by said % at all. hence it means it's broken. so i will keep on doing more testing and post screenshots but i would like archers to help contribute to this so we can gather more data faster. Thank you
    Day1 With 20% Astral
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Day1WB.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	86.7 KB
ID:	1733418
    WB1 Avg = 435544 / 17 = 25,620
    WB2 Avg = 285150/10 = 28,515
    WB3 Avg = 292497/10=29,249

    Day2 WithOUT 20% Astral
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Day2WB.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	85.0 KB
ID:	1733419
    WB1 Avg = 405470/16= 25,341
    WB2 Avg =255295/10=25,530
    WB3 Avg = 305071/10=30,507

    Day3 WithOUT 20% Astral
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Day3WB.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	32.9 KB
ID:	1733420
    WB1 Avg =382613/14 =27,330
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Day3wb2.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	14.6 KB
ID:	1733421
    WB2 Avg =253178/9 = 28,130

    So far, i don't see a 20% difference, while sometimes i even DO MORE DAMAGE without the 20% increase. Please share your own results. the more the merrier.
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    I also observed this one.

    I thought Im the only one observed this.


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      nice also an archer and have an orange astral determination..but I dont use this astral..because it has no effect..

      but in the side of the mages and knights...wil destroyer enhanced their damage..

      determination astral ..l..


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        your dmg output is not fix so you cant asume, damage is floating so you have min and max values, the best thing to test it is, keep your stats same for 2 days also troop lvl the same, first day do all 3 boss with crit base astral and count how many times you enter the boss - last one where you do less dmg and divide you dmg to number of entrys:example 1.300.000dmg in 13 entrys, so your average is 100.000 dmg and its not afectet by number of players that are on the wb, next day do it with no crit base dmg (leave that astral field empty) and do the same you did with astral, then compare wb1 to wb1, wb2 to wb2.... if there is a differance astral is working if no its not. btw the differance could be betwean 5-10% if it is working for crit base dmg of 20% cause you dont crit every time.


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          nice observation


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            :-O im gonna test as soon as possible !! if this is true !! archers unite, this is not fair !! crit is like our life support system, or atleast mine, i cannot be deprived of anything that has to do with crit !!


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              OKAY *NEW UPDATE*

              I suggest testing constantly 2 skills.

              Multishot would be ideal, since it hit 100% critical and this astral only affect critical damages. If you notice your multishot hitting average the same with and without this astral then this 20% increase doesn't seem to work. PLEASE DONT' TELL ME THAT I ONLY SEE IT IN HIGHER LEVEL. when would that be? you wanna me only see results when i'm 80? cause i'm almost 60 and if i still don't see results, WHY am i bothering to equip it in the first place.

              second skill would be Delphic Sniper
              this skill can crit in the 30k+ range. so it should be easier to notice a 20% jump. I think with the astral equipped, i can crit from 31k-37k. without this crit equipped i still can crit from 31k-37k.
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                I'm currently doing testing with multishot on the Green Azimo bounty quests. My patk is constant and since multishot always crits all I change is whether or not I have the astral equipped. Right now I have a very small sample size but it looks like there is no difference in damage between having the astral equipped or not. I'll update as I do more tests and get a larger sample size.
                Server 4: Bretheran Abyss


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                  Ok after some thinking the best way to test this is to do it with Delphic Sniper on the World Boss Event, why, if you do 30k dmg and then put 20% it shoul be 36k, that difference you will see, the more ppl the better.

                  do it like this:

                  if you drink potions 4 power, or you will use the astral do the all changes 30-15 min before wb event, log off then log in, atack some one (wilds or arena) so that server pickups your changes.

                  post only your best crit with Delphic Sniper

                  wb1 s5 (the one you are testing 1,2 or 3 - maby there is differance in def of the bosses, s5 is the server)
                  patk 9304
                  Delphic Sniper lvl3 QTE + (- if you miss it :S)
                  Battle Prowess lvl2 5 stacks (number of stacks when you crit him the most, it"s wery important because the boost is from 0-10%)
                  crit base dmg 20% (how much you have it or 0 if testing with no astral)

                  max crit dmg: 37.358

                  NOTE: if helping with testing dont use "Floating dmg expands %" astral becasuse it can mess the testing
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                    this is just a bump, please keep the data coming please. i really want to know for fact if this astral is working or not.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	wbgain.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	76.0 KB
ID:	1662329
                    this is what happened yesterday on WB3 of Day2 (NO crit Astral)
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                      On a side note, did anyone else also notice knight once in a while doing CRIT on them WHILE having will destroyer equipped? ....

                      <this is actually a bump, but above point is also valid>
                      <where are those data??? archers....>
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                        I agree with this post. The enhanced determination is broken; it DOES NOT GIVE %extra damg for crit as it stated. I also noticed knight having will destroyer equipped crit WHILE he was in zombie and invisible mode, or phantom or w/e lol. Things get even worse if you guys also notice that def and atk runes DOES NOT WORK at all; the BRUTALITY and GUARDIAN rune DOES NOT WORK. Moreover, archer's skill DEEP FREEZE DOES NOT WORK in bg, battle against players; it ONLY WORK in pve, battle against AI, i.e. solo arena duel and dungeon's mobs and bosses. I'm in S2 and been testing the mentioned issues. Prove me wrong!?!
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Day41stWB.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	21.3 KB
ID:	1662355

                          384007 / 13.5 = 28445

                          reason i Divided 13.5 is because the last round wasn't a full round.

                          anyway, this is also another fight Without the Astral, from my point of view, my avg per WB is around 27 to 28k per fight. and with Astral is still around there. Not too much difference i guess.

                          Conclusion: that astral slot can probably be filled with something BETTER, it's not going to hurt you much if you pop in something else that isn't broken.

                          i hope some G.M. will look into this.

                          So far only about 5 or so archer replied saying they notice it doesn't work.

                          i know this game seems dying and not many cares anymore, but still, i had hoped someone would check into it, of course, i could just stay quiet and not told anyone about this and let the rest of archers suffer without knowing it, but felt like it's my obligation to bring it to the archer community and at least have you guys know about it even if GM will not look into it or cannot look into it.

                          I STILL CHALLENGE ANY ARCHER TO BRING DATA THAT PROVE OTHERWISE. Like you actually see an increase of critical damage by 20%, 25%, 30% , whatever your astral level may be ...
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                            Bump, also, Guardian rune works.
                            IGN: DoctorWho
                            Server: 26
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                            Class: Archer
                            Level: 53


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                              I have not independently verified this.

                              I was told that if you equip + crit and +crit % damage. Only the one you equipped first would work. I don't know if this in intentional or not.