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  • guild activities

    most guilds have set times they do things but how often does the GM get delayed or cant get on or something and people are left waiting?

    well what if there was a automatic setter that guild masters can use were they click on an event and set a time and when that time reaches whether the guild master is on or not the event would automatically start, simple and no more unhappy guildies moaning tree or beast is late anymore.

    also as multiple people from multiple regions all play servers maybe make the events be able to be summoned at 2 different times in a day but limit everyone to only be able to attend one a day this way more people who usually cant get to the original set time can have chance to do the events at a different time. this is especially important for guild beast as so many people want these rewards and if the GMs can only do them at a time people cant get on then these rewards are being lost.

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    That would be awesome !!


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      I would just be happy if you could summon TOA//Beast while in mpd/party


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        It would be nice if g.m. could have some kind of callendar and be able to assign guild events to each day in a week and to specific time.


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          Why not make the G.M and the ***. G.M able to summon it.