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time issue

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  • time issue

    I really hate this new patch, r2 has no sens how much time we need to spend in game now.

    For example, in new farm village, it is really a nightmare now, we can have 200 friends, let's assume they still all activated. I did counted, I need spend 3 to 5 second to switch from one farm to another farm, so I will need 600 to 1000 seconds to visit all the farms, which is 10mins to 16mins. That is for switching time only, not including energized your friend's tree or do some farming. It used to be just take me 5mins to finish everything. No wonder why I can't get my tree fully charged.

    I know some of players quit this game because of time they need to spend in game now, and I understand it is too late for r2 to remove this new patch, but I just want to let you know, how crazy you are.
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    yeah i do agree it's f.uckin slow.

    i only energize for my first page of friends.
    and when i get bored i go page 2 and maybe page 3.

    rest sorry but no thanks.


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      you got my point


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        This would be no big deal if you're maxed out on farm level

        Did someone already say this

        An energize all button
        Mad love for my crew

        The golden rule in wartune
        Guess whose back with trouble?