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More feeding attempts for friends' farms, with a cost

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  • More feeding attempts for friends' farms, with a cost


    Maybe I'm the only one thinking that being able to feed friends' animals 20 times per day is a little limiting. I was thinking it would be nice if this limit were increased, and instead of being free you would have to pay with forage (the same as if you're feeding your own animals).

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    Until now I thought that it uses forage. But when I tried, nothing was spent. So it would be good to have some free feeding (as now) and then it would use forage. Idk why there is any limit. It is only my problem if I want to use whole my harvest for my friends...


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      i don't like this idea.

      if you max your free attempts and keep clicking while you don't want that you lose a lot of your forage.
      and have to plant more.
      i don't really plant that stuff much so i need all i get.