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Combining L4 gems into a L5 - when to do it and when not

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  • Combining L4 gems into a L5 - when to do it and when not

    Here's my situation.

    I'm an archer, so I know PATK is disproportionately important.

    I just got my 4th PATK L4 gem generated. Currently the other 3 are all socketed already. I do NOT Balen, so all I have it the default sockets. My other sockets besides the 3 filled with PATK are filled with other L4 gems--MDEF, HP, Crit, PDEF. I have some other unused L4 gems, but currently only the PATK has the 4 needed for a L5 gem.

    Which sounds like good news if PATK is indeed the most important one for my class, right?

    But... I got to thinking on it. I know each Level 4 PATK gem is +112. So three socketed at once is +336. Whereas if I change those 3 and my new one into a L5 gem, while I get two new open sockets to put some additional MDEF or HP L4s in, I DO not have a 5th PATK, so I know I'd actually be losing effective PATK (I don't know the actual + value of a single L5 PATK gem, but I doubt its anywhere near +336--I bet its going to be more in the range of 200, right?)

    What have others done in this circumstance?

    This could apply equally to mages and MATK gems, I bet, with the same kind of numbers. What do you do at this tipping point, where you'd open slots by making a L5 of your most useful gem, but can't fill those open slots with more of the same type yet? Could the loss of that PATK for me, or MATK for a mage, possibly be counterbalanced by some extra HP or defense of some type? I'm skeptical. L5 gems sound like a trap almost, at least until you have LOTS of extra L4s of the same prime type to fill in the opened slots.

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    Wait til the next patch comes out, you'll get more gems through conversion.
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      For the record, lvl 5 gem gave 176 PATK.