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  • rewards

    dont know if someone posted already,but its hard when we do dungeons and lose rewards cause we got dc.
    i do elemental forest nm,and got dc in twin bosses just at the end of killing them,so no rewards!its a good idea to keep chests till last member of party leave room,cause we lost time and beneficts cause of that

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    I know this can be incredibly frustrating. I also hope that they will give a consideration to this idea as well in the future.. (having fallen prey to this also.) Have you tried in the meantime making sure the flash and browser are both updated and as little flash heavy items as possible are running to try to help things run a bit more smoothly?
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      the only flash heavy thing running is this game.
      I have asked hundreds of players, in both this game and in others if they have ever had the amount of dc/lag issues that we seem to have in Wartune. The only ones who have any issue or have experienced it are playing our game.
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