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new spender event idea

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  • new spender event idea

    with the new Dimension War PvP, it gave me an idea for a new event.

    when a casher buys something in the store or market, there is a chance that the item purchased will go to another random player on the server.

    I think this will be a new, refreshing, fun and exciting addition to the game.
    If you can't win, cash harder

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    yeah, amazing idea, and would fit well into the gamble world of Wartune


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      I think while that is certainly an interesting idea... as it pertains to actual cash money as in the dimension you have to use paid for balens to buy from the black market shops, it would not be gone for as much since people would lose what they are spending 5-10-20+ dollars for. But, those are just my two bits on this.. do keep the ideas coming, we love seeing them
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        while Cesar seems to have understood, I think the subtle nature of my sarcasm went over your head Mentor_Magik
        If you can't win, cash harder