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Call me crazy but im noticing something from this forum

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  • Call me crazy but im noticing something from this forum

    The main section where the threads are made i.e news and events, discussion, suggestions, etc seem to look they are shrinking. From what I can tell the other games that have very little main threads are starting to be very inactive with less and less updates. I wonder if Wartune is finally going down that route and will start to fade away like the other games hosted here. With the lack of good events and the increase of p2w and pure cash events going on. I can believe that actually happening. Maybe they are going to concentrate on Stormthrone for now on or something.

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    The Bugs and Support forums are merged, as are Discussion and Feedback. The first two because support and bugs are basically the same and many duplicates were posted there. The second because it also has a lot of similarities.

    It's a step to make the forum more efficient and keep a better overview. It has nothing to do with activity of the game.
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      Oh bummer, now the quantity and quality of whining will increase substantially
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