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1000+ Total Resistance for final res shield?

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  • 1000+ Total Resistance for final res shield?

    So, what does this actually mean?

    I have 10 level 7 crystals, 2 level 3 and 3 level 2 crystals equipped for a total of 10x90 + 2 x 30 + 3x18 = 900 + 60 + 54 = 1014 Total Resistance and I still can't unlock the final shield. Do I need above 1000 Res in a single element, like 1000+ Water Res for this to work or should I send in a ticket?

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    i think u need balens, and unequip your sylph
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    Level 49 Archer
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      Originally posted by kevs926 View Post
      i dunno where 60 and 54 came from but you only have 900, so u need 100 more
      Each shield has 3 slots. 2 slots in each shield have level 7 crystals (90 each) and the other slots have level 3 crystals (30 res each) and level 2 crystals (18 res each).


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        Ok, after running Spire and some other random stuff, I can now unlock the final shield without doing anything else. I guess the game needed to reload some info in some way to refresh my resistance stats.

        Uses unbound balens only.


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          Bound balens don't work, only unbound


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            pls delete post
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            Level 49 Archer
            BR 150k


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              u need 1000 balens too....
              and only unbound balens needed, cant use bound balens..


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                so ballens needed is to keep free players from entering the new dungeon (and having a chance to survive it) cause this is where u need tons of res to survive. or maybe to keep cash players ahead from non cash in arena or sylph boss, guild boss, or....

                they could make it usable for all, adding a second prize with 5k BB for non cash (makes sure it takes long enough to get and not all will try to get it, so cash will stay superior)