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Arena League Insignias Expiring Notice

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  • Arena League Insignias Expiring Notice

    As another month nears its end, and with the excitement of class wars this evening, Tuesday the 28th, I am offering this friendly reminder that your Arena league insignias are expiring at the end of the month. I know many have been sitting on them to try to get their new permanent mount that the arena league shop now offers... but still, do not forget to spend them. They do not carry over and if you do not use them you will lose them come the first of may. If you have not managed to get the mount this month, you have next month and many more past this.. good luck!
    Always.. Always.. Always be yourself.. unless you can be BATMENTOR! Then always be BATMENTOR muahahahahahahah! (PS: BATMENTOR has Batcupcakes, Batcookies, and Batcake. PS: they just gave me a BatPizza Oven *WOOHOO!*) Bugs can be reported here. Please Read the new format. Check out the Support Page.

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    thanks for the reminder
    (still wondering why they add such a expiration date)
    RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
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      to prevent ho@rding

      those who ho@rded the damn tok chests for months are now reaping the benefits too

      ho@rding is deemed imbalanced if you are putting great items on it later on the patches
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        thanks for the friendly reminder