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Collecting items from mail to full inventory

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  • Collecting items from mail to full inventory

    I think that it happened to many and it is very annoying. When you have full inventory and you want to collect some item from mail which already exists in inventory, it writes that it is not possible, because inventory is full.

    So if that happens I need to delete something else otherwise I can't collect that item.

    Could it be done that if I am trying to collect something, it first checks if the item already exists in inventory and is stackable.. and if yes then add it to existing pile? Now it only checks if inventory has free spots and doesn't care about existing items if it is full.

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    I know where you are coming from, especially as this seems to pertain to clothing what with that event on at the moment. I know a lot of people would like this, as the events currently in the upper level creations give several pieces of the same item. I do not know if this will be implemented but I most certainly hope they give consideration to this suggestion.
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      We should expand this to simply making stacking more consistent. Why don't rewards from item match and jewel hunt stack? I'm forced to exit and re-enter match or cancel the quit jewel hunt pop-up soooo very often just so i can put seps on seps or whips on whips or otherwise manage my bag space.


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        Go look in bugs. If you lose items you have in mail you may or may not get them back because mail is not meant for that. I don't agree with that but that is what someone has recently been told by a forum mod when they report losing items stored in mail. In other words R2 don't care if you lose items.