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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
    Try doing an entire WB only to get 0 gold. The fix was welcome.
    i get exactly the same trouble...
    do the entire WB without die and no gold and daru reward :/
    i play less and less this game


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      They can easily fix stuff like this but fixing stuff that need fixing they still not do?

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        Originally posted by Samureye View Post
        IMO, they (whoever makes the decision) took it out because people were not reviving. If you survive through out the whole WB, you do not need to revive. If you don't survive and revive that is 15 balens/ 15 cents per revive and if the average person revives let say 20 times x .15 = $3.00 if you have a 100 ppl revive this = $300.

        Thank you
        Pretty much the case. They just want you to pay for the revive.

        But issue is that a lot of people who are willing to pay for the revive still can't withstand the whole long & boring WB fight & would rather not do it if they had a choice. This game is now time-consuming to the point of being close to unplayable. It would be really nice if they bring back the stand-in option even if the price is much higher than before. I used to use stand-in option back in version 1.6, at which time we just paid a little balens & didn't need to actually join WB to get the gold & daru. Now there's no such thing. Everyone must waste time doing WB even if they don't want to.