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Eudaemon's lag 4v4 arena too much

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    Originally posted by KS222 View Post
    It may not be lag. There are twice as many characters taking actions and sylph points are gained at the same rate as before. I get an average of 2-3 skills before sylph mode. Once the eudaemon die off, I don't have to wait as long for my turn, and get more time for skills before I can transform again. I notice eudaemon also mess up timing of "fast" skills like rune and transform. Generally, the more players are still alive, the longer I have to wait even for "fast" skills.

    Taking off eudaemon doesn't let you cast skills faster than the opposing team, even when they have their eudaemon on. Everyone gets to use skills a little faster because its 8 vs 4 rather than 8 vs 8.

    I notice the lag increase comes from more stuff to load and more damage numbers filling the screen. In general, if the eudaemon doesn't live long enough to cast useful skills, you're better off taking it off.
    I would have to agree with this. My eud is half my BR but she's not with me for anything except DI, BI & MPD. For TOK, Spire, Arena, etc. they are just not worth the lag, & they take peer revives in Spire so absolutely not going to be my companion in there. I don't care about not taking this 30-40% pokemon BR with me, and still beat most people with 200-300k more BR than me if their bigger number comes from euds. There are people who just love big fluffy BRs & who always blame others' "bad" connection/computer when the euds caused more troubles than help, but in reality it's really the addition of new team members (the euds) & the relatively rigid new formation that had changed the way the game works & subsequently affects skill sequencing & timing.