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Slyph Atoll Boss and Guild battle

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  • Slyph Atoll Boss and Guild battle

    Slyph atoll boss needs better and more rewards to increase participation. Only around 8-10 people participate in atoll boss currently. presently rewards from atoll boss are next to pathetic. Guild battle also needs better rewards to increase participation as well as increasing GB list from top 8 guilds to top 10 or 12 due to past server mergers.

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    AB kinda like CQ pathetic if not useless,time consuming name them…
    GB is kina a newbie thing; although the rewards need improving but are better than what we used to have back in them days
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      AB is alright for the gold, our team does 20mil+ per round so it doesn't take too long to kill a boss, but the rewards don't really appeal most of us, would be a lot nicer if it had hammers, or something better in the sylph crystaloid exchange. Sitting on some 15k+ loids atm but nothing is worth getting.