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Eudaemon skill books

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  • Eudaemon skill books

    Where do you find/get them at? I had a bunch of chests that gave "random" skill books but only got 3 for the Eudaemon I have and 12 for ones I don't have. Had to sell the useless ones to clear up inventory space.

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      Gandalf35, you can also buy class specific (albeit random) skill chests from the Shop under the Eudaemon tab. They can be purchased for 50 Bound and Unbound balens.

      Here's what they look like in the shop:

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        Or you can buy them in the store for like 49 balens or close to it. This will give you a random specific class skill.


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          Thanks for the replies all. I already knew you could buy the random chests for specific eudaemons was just hoping there was somewhere you could buy specific skill books instead. Didn't know you could get them in guild shop though so thanks for that sweetwaters. At what lvl guild shop do they come up in? Thanks again for all the replies.


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            Level 10 shop is in 2nd page so not sure.. Maybe like 8-10? Maybe
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