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ANYONE else getting extreme lag right now for this game?

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  • ANYONE else getting extreme lag right now for this game?


    everyone is dcing and people lagging out

    it literally took me about 5 min to finally load in, and another 5 min to load into ONE bg...

    took about 3 min to load in forum...

    finally stopped..

    and no it's not me, i get to other website fine..
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    me too, i spend 3 day to finish quest deal 50k dam worldboss, and now i can join WB event because SERVER VERY LAAAGGG.


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      tried talking in world chat and about 5 other respond that server is very laggy.

      my 1st BG it took about 2 min to load into first fight and that's the only one i did.

      2nd bg i stopped lagging, but it came back later again at end of bg or so...

      seems quiet a few people saying they can't load in or black screens... something is wrong with the server cause i tested bandwidth and testing other site fine. only this one having problem.
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        ....Missing WB because i'm stuck at a black screen and looks like your server won't let me load in...

        STOP OPENING up so many servers if you can't handle the load....OMG....
        .... guess can't do the test crti dmg for this one since i can't even load in right now...
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          They will say fault lies on your ISP, not on the game itself!!!


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            They'll ask you to call your isp, your computer vendor, your grandmother, your uncle, your nephews, your nieces, every others to check and the fault isn't on their side.
            ~ Some nonsensical but intelligent sounding quote to waste 5 seconds of a person's life reading it ~


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              Yep, huge lag out of nowhere.

              ...and it's kind of funny how they reply to old threads just to answer, "We are aware of this and are working on it, etc etc." But to new threads that need attention more, no reply whatsoever. *Smh
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                Originally posted by Roary View Post
                They'll ask you to call your isp, your computer vendor, your grandmother, your uncle, your nephews, your nieces, every others to check and the fault isn't on their side.
                Nope, that's just for you singnet people and that's an entirely different issue. And I will note that not one of you has even attempted anything suggested, so until you do, please don't complain about the suggestions.

                As for the release of many servers affecting lag- I know that the servers aren't all grouped together in one location. The EU servers are based in Europe, and the US servers are based in the US. So, it's really not the amount of servers causing an issue. Aside from recommending unplugging the router/modem for a moment and trying again, I would say file a ticket and explain the situation if it is still continuing.
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                  Since yesterday, I can't really play the game due to losing connection. I didn't change my setup so what's up and no reply to my thread about it... :-).


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                    actually the lag only lasted for that hour, it could be just when i was at work, and while talking in game, only a partial group was affected. one person that was affect i talked to was in new zealand, and i don't think we be sharing isp or anything but she missed out on 2nd BG because she told me she could not load into the game.(same issue as me, black screen). the lag was gone for a bit and i did some fighting in 2nd Bg, but when WB came i couldn't load into the world boss screen, after reloading and such i was stuck on 16/16 and 2 min later i was finally able to log in and lag just apparently disappeared. no need to file tickets or anything since it was a one time deal and everything is all fine now.
                    going on a 3 day vacation and won't be back next week anyway.

                    happy veteran day guys ^.^

                    you can close this thread if you want, lag was there for that hour today, and then disappeared later after the last WB at 9. (i'm on west coast).
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                      I honestly don't understand HOW you guys keep experiencing heavy lag issues an somehow haven't found some way to get around it.
                      I can tell you all right now that the game does NOT rely on any hardware cause my video card is fried (ex. cannot play OLD games like Majesty), I NEVER turn off my computer (if I do the computer somehow forgets my hard drive is there & I have to plug in the dead hard drive, turn it on & it realizes "oh I have a working one, I'll use that", turn it off, unplug dead, turn it back & everything runs like normal - truly a annoying process), and on top of that I don't use any of the new (crappy) browsers an instead use the generic Internet Explorer.

                      In all the WBs, I have NEVER experienced lag - no one appears to move, from my view I feel like I'm the only one that has to go up to the WB to fight it lol. Everyone moves in MP Dungeons & BG at least, but still no lag. The only times I ever experience lag is when I'm just doing stuff in my city, but when lag is noticed, I use the ultimate life saving technology: REFRESH. After that, everything runs smoothly, sometimes real fast (instead of the mouse popping it's head out for a second, in the rare moments I experience SUPER SPEED, it gets over in a few seconds & I haven't landed a single shot lol).

                      But here's some solutions for you all:
                      1) Refresh your window, doesn't matter what you are doing, you can refresh mid battle too, the game will relog you & place you where ever you were before the refresh - did that in WB fight, got back in before my character died.
                      2) Addons & Toolbars, DISABLE THEM. My girlfriend uses tons of toolbars & addons, she experienced heavy lag in WT, I turned them off for her, an what do ya know, her game is running just fine afterwards.
                      3) Multiple Windows open CAN cause lag - I usually have 2 windows open with the game, no lag. But if I have windows with lots of other stuff being constantly loaded (ex Facebook's constantly updating "news feed" or Vidbull buffering a movie/tv show), then yeah, heavy lag is expected. I close the extra windows & the game runs just fine aftwards.
                      3.1) Taskmanager & browsers - sometimes however, the browser's exes will still be running in the background. So to remedy this, you'll have to close ALL windows and/or tabs that are open, then check taskmanager to see if any are still running in the background, end process on whatever ones are still running. Then reopen your wartune window, game SHOULD run smoothly.
                      4) Downloading & Uploading - Be aware the doing either can slow your internet connection, if you understand the "Send & recieve" method of the internet, then you'll know downloading anything & uploading anything takes us bandwidth, the very bandwidth that is also being used by wartune in order for you play it. So if you're a frequent downloader and/or uploader, pause/stop the downloads/uploads. Depending on how you are downloading & uploading, your lag issues should decrease a great deal.
                      5) Choice of internet browsers - If they above doesn't work, then its the browser you are using that's causing the issue, experiment with different browsers to find out which one works better for you. I used Firefox (oldest to latest, yes you can go after the old versions - CNET for example), Chrome (same as firefox with different versions), Safari (same), and even Netscape, all of which are too slow and/or laggy for me. IE for me has no issues whatsoever.
                      6) ISP an setup - this stuff is a little beyond me, but as I understand it, everyone has their own port that they each use, sometimes however certain ports can get clogged up causing massive lag, leading people to blaim their ISP. If you understand how to get around it, then do it, but CHOOSE CAREFULLY as there are far too many & some can be far worse than your current one. Another thing can be your current internet speed, if you're using dial up then yeah for sure the problem is with that, get the highest type that you can afford, the better the internet speed, the better your online experiences will be.
                      7) Security can cause issues - sometimes you have to personally tell whatever software you are using that the current software (in this case, wartune) can store as much info on your HD as it wants an that its allowed through your securities, yes this will make the game run faster. However, an I caution you on this, ONLY DO THIS ON SITES YOU TRUST! Remember that there are sites that carry viruses, doing this tells your security "its ok for this software to go where ever it wants" unless you have an anti-virus installed. Still, use this option with caution.

                      If all else fails, update ALL your software that has to do with the internet & flash. Close everything. Do a complete clean up (manually - go to all temp folders, delete everything). Check if your system needs to defrag. Do a system check (requires restart). If you have any anti-virus software installed, update and scan. Check your OS's updates, see any are needed to be installed. Finally restart your system.

                      If that still doesn't help, then I feel sorry for you cause I'm out of advice.
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