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Kabam Server Merges

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  • Kabam Server Merges

    name of server :Kabam server 26 EUROPEAN

    When was ur last merge: Never had one

    Reason for merge : Alot of players leaving takes hrs of waiting for runs and to do other stuff with the constant lag players are dropping like flies and we desperatley need a merge with one of the other european servers that are in same boat as us

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    Every one of the Euro servers is in the same boat... but good luck with that one, they NEVER merge Euro servers even though servers have followed the stated process for requesting a merge.

    When an R2 GM has announced a merge in the Kabam Section (US servers only of course) they have never, ever replied to the unending stream of requests for other merges.

    And there is zero point in trying on Kabam's own forums as there is no admin presence there at all - we've kind of exhausted all possibilities

    If an R2 mod or GM has any bright ideas then please tell us, because the 'official' process is simply not being followed by Kabam.
    They can never hope to understand the source of our power...
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      I have posted about merge requests in this post.
      Retired Moderator.


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        but east west coast servers gets merges like every few weeks what about some old servers mentor_WTT arnt old servers good enough u soon luv our money tho for us to keep spending

        maybe if all old servers stopped spending maybe u would start to listen to us old servers or slap the owner into a old server with a fresh toon as ask him to play for 1 week see how he fairs on runs etc when know one is around to help him


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          Trust me, I know where you are coming from.. we all do. Right now though, we simply do know know if or when a server will be merged. We do not know this top secret formula.. and I sure wish we did. I know you feel incredibly frustrated and I can not blame or fault you.. but just hang in there.. hopefully they'llg rant you one soon. I would suggest though, if people are logging massive alts, that could only hurt instead of help as it would give a false player base on the active scale.
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