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World Prosperity (1000% exp boost)

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    Originally posted by Dennink View Post
    if everybody is forced to level from the start.
    You have a lot more people to do all your Multi player stuff with because they won't complain about the exp.

    So it's not a problem really i think.
    It wouldn't be a problem if you were starting on a new server and had no cross server competition. The problem is that they changed the rules on new players. Older players rarely had to worry about xp gain. Heck, when I started, cross server didn't exist and we all wanted to level up fast to get that 55 arena set. Those arena sets don't exist anymore. That kills the biggest help for new players: do arena daily for a week or so and get a decent armor set. Now, the only armor set they can get fairly quick is the 30 set the game gifts them.

    What I would suggest (and seriously doubt the devs plan to implement) is that they increase the rewards along with the xp. Want to make someone level 60 in a week? Fine devs, but make sure they get 1000% rewards along with that 1000% xp. Sure, the newer players won't have to work as hard as us older players did if that were implemented, but older players also had to work a lot harder just to level up to 60. Where is the outrage over that? Hey devs, what the heck! Why do new players get a free ride to 80 when I had to work my tail off to get that xp?


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      So how do I get my armor upgraded to match my level. I went from 52 - 66 in a flash with lvl 30 armor set, and didn't realize how bad that was until I was getting
      beat up by people with lower lvls. I bought an upgraded weapon but its lvl 40 and the rest of my set is 30. I lost some of the benefits of the set by not having all 4. This is what is holding me back right now. I cannot compete with players of my own lvl or even monsters that I should be able to take out. I am no help to anyone in group situations, I am always the first killed.


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        low level party arena is messed up. It matches team <lvl 40 to all 70+ In low level BG there are no people or everyone is too weak.
        If I would start game these days, I would level up fast to 80, got super weak and useless and quit the game because it is lame. I think that many new players do the same and many old too because of there are not enough new people to play with. The problem of this game are not campers, but R2.


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          If you don't want to get to lvl 80 quick then start dumping exp & gold into your talents. When I was lvl 60 my Holy seal was at 10. I just reached lvl 80 2 weeks ago and my Holy Seal is also 80. Also by doing this I was able to improve all my socketed gems and work on getting equipment sets for lvls 70 & 80.


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            I still don't know why people beleive they get stronger by "camping" is there any magic involved that gives you an insane amount of br? 1st you fall behind in gold - camping as a free user wont give you many options to increase your atk and gold income rapidly - level 80 does and even free user can hit 60k atk in 3 months just by doing lv 80 content - getting your daily tattoos (dont underestimate those they give a huge boost and are super important for advancing even further - especially for free user a nice "free boost in br") if you wanna say "i cant earn honor in bgs cause i die every time at lv 80" - well do steel wars and guild battles....good way to earn honor outside of bgs - i earned 160k honor in 2 months (without buying additional medals) on a new server - and i didn even do any bg after hitting 80 except for the advance class one - if youre in for the hp kill titles - good luck camping 1 year to get the highest....if youre super active that is otherwise might take even longer
            plus youre missing all the additional holy forge items in weekly dungeons (somebody will run you through it just ask nicely and be patient) overall "camping" makes you only weaker not stronger if you compare a 1 year camper to a guy who palyed 1 year on his 80 toon the camper is in a super high disadvantage when he finally feels like hitting 80 - lost 1 year of tattoos wich is approx 120000 henna aka 1200 status attempts aka 5000 free stats if you count 4 on average -youll also loose 1 year of holy forge mats probably 500 a week - wich is 2000 in a month and 24000 mats in 1 year (only counting tara) - overall i dont see any point in camping anymore...might have been lotsa fun in 2013 but were living in the future and wartune evolved


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              Well, you would need to camp for 10+ years to have desent br once u are lvl 80 and by then there are 2 options: The game is death or the lvl 80 players will have 40M BR over you anyway. At this point camping is absurd, has no porpous at all. The game starts at lvl 80. The good br begins with lvl 80. lvl 1-80 is a 3-5 days tutorial.


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                Forget camping, boys and girls. Make your way to level 80 and iron out from there.
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