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s431 merge

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  • s431 merge

    Their was a thread about this being required a while ago, but still no merge.
    Its hard to find people to do things with sometimes, server needs a merge, ironically it had a merge early on when it did not need one,
    now it needs one they are ignoring it.
    Any plans, or do r2 want players to get annoyed enough to move to another one of their games, which wont happen as why would someone move to
    another game with a company that is so useless?
    Its a shame, as wartune was a good game, but they seem intent on ruining it with merge issues, and adding extra rubbish that makes it basically a
    chore to play, I didnt get addicted to farmville ffs, or a game where you can walk away for a few days or hours and lose stuff.