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  • Cosmetic Armor Sets

    I had a level 20 set with my knight and just earned the lvl 30 set when I came to the realization that I liked the looks of the lvl 20 set more than the lvl 30 set even though I like the color blue I liked the looks of the red level 20 set more.

    I was wondering if it was possible to make it so if you're level 30 to cosmetically change your appearance so it looks like you're wearing level 20 armor. So kind of like the morph cards but you still look like yourself. And it'd be interchangeable too so if you're level 50 you can change the appearance of your level 50 weapon to that of a level 30. Or just the armor and vice versa.

    But if you're level 20 you cannot change your appearance to look like you're wearing a level 30 or 35 set.

    Not sure how much programming is involved but figured I'd ask.