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  • 800 Crypt Tokens

    Even though I could do it without worrying about it, I was just curious how long you guys think it would take for me to save up 800 Crypt Tokens for the level 40 rings/jewelry.

    I am a non-cash player, and I have run out of crypt keys. I am a level 39 mage, and I would like to save up the crypt tokens to obtain the level 40 rings/jewelry before I hit level 40. The reason being because I know I'll have a hard time during the 40+ Battlegrounds, because of all the high-level, heavy cashers on my server (plus the level 40+ dungeons and campaigns). I would also like to work on other things besides the tokens, but that's a bit off topic.

    Anyway, how long do you guys think it would take me to build up the 800 crypt tokens with only one attempt each day? I can get past floor 39 of Forgotten Catacombs, but I can't yet pass floor 40.

    EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention that I already have 74 Crypt Tokens, and I'm about to complete another Forgotten Catacombs run, so I'll have a little more than that when I'm done with this one.
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    get stronger and u won't worry about crypt keys. complete lvl 100 u earns 95 crypt key per attempt.


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      currently you get 9 tokens/day, you have 74. so 800-74=726 726/9=80 days. so less than 80 cuz once you get through 40 you add another 5 so 726/14=51 so probably less than 50 cuz youll still be Lving up


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        at level 39 i can hit lvl40 of cata.. 20 tokens per run from 1st-40th level..

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