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Fishing comp pack joke

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  • Fishing comp pack joke

    Thanks for adding insult to injury. My fishing lvl is 26, where the heck is my fashion core? On a perfect run I could get 2, but more often than not i hit another fish somewhere along the way so one full core daily was the norm with several shards left over. But obviously all the time and effort getting to that lvl was pointless with having the game taken away 75% of the time now.
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    The thing about these comp packs, majority of the time, they don't go by a player by player basis. But they have shown in the past that they can go by a player by player basis. Take a look at the gold comp pack we got for enchanting sylph equipment, everybody got a different amount.

    Granted that was only for players 50 and above where as most of the comp packs are given out to everyone, which would take more time. But they still have shown they can do it if they want. But they don't.

    Also realize that fishing could be different as in just because you are level 25 fishing does not mean you are fishing for cores. So why give people cores if they don't fish for them? Do they have logs that show what each person fishes for?


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      Originally posted by R262181389 View Post
      Do they have logs that show what each person fishes for?
      They have logs for everything...

      ...but still too much work for something like fishing -- even as a lv30+ I know that'd be way too good to be true to get a cores comp... the comp itself was really bad lol putting shadow crystals an stuff is meh, but yeah, could've been worse.


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        cmon guys, everyone who played this game more than 6 months should have seen this coming.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.