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You kill this game

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  • fathom75
    started a topic You kill this game

    You kill this game

    You are killing games(sets)!!
    Since the update 4.0, it became impossible to win during arena and battlegrounds!!

    Games favor clearly big cashier and it became boring has to die to play it games!!

    In arenas, 1 victory on 15 fights, to find you his just man? It is totally unbalanced as fights

    In similar battlegroung has punishment a victory, we always fall in losing teams and we blow up in 5 min.

    I have to pay my VIP this month and I really regret IT because I think that I am going to leave games and if you thought of forcing a little the sale you are wrong you go to lose some more of player...

    WOW is cheaper, tremendously better to devellopper, a great big map, skills great good and a duration OF LIFE MUCH BETTER ...

    You seriously stink and kill the game !!!!!!!!

  • Arlad
    meh .
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  • fathom75
    Edit :

    I just finish a Battground ...

    I enter .. 6 min left to this battleground ..... Blue team 30 points Red team 330 points ..... i'm on the red team and the red team had 3 totems !!!! blue team 9 players red team 9 players !!!!

    5min 37 sec ... idk what happens ... Blue team 15 players 590 points, red team 330 points 15 players !!!

    Sundenly only big big players on blue team ( over than 1.3 millions BR )

    We finish : Blue team ( the one who had 30 points at 6 min of the end ) 2000 points .... Red team ( the one who had 330 points ) 395 points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They take 1970 points in less than 6 min and we ( the red team ) take only 65 points ? How can it possible ? Do you really think its fair ?

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