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1 click bless wheel....good...but could have been better if....

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  • 1 click bless wheel....good...but could have been better if....

    hi good for having 1 click bless wheel...

    but the single click (especially needed now for 3 click events) could have been improved.

    i notice the damn spinning animation is for sake of animation only.

    because i click and waited the spin to stop, got tired of waiting i reload my game....and boom...increased in bless %

    so the animation is unnecessary at all since the moment we click the actual % gained has been registered...just the game animates to annoy us with the dam long waiting for the spin to stops.

    just like the open 999 gem box last time has long annoying animation which (thank god) has been removed.

    hope the spin animation removed as well....

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    I can say this, the issue about the one click bless against the three clicks needed for events has already been brought up to my boss. I am hoping we'll know something more sooner as opposed to later, but it has been reported and am sorry for the wait in further information.
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      Animation is ok, but it should be faster. 3s or max 5 is enough. I have just tried it and it took 20s to show me that 200%.


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        It is a stupid time waster. Like the VIP wheel and the guild altar. There is no reason for it other than to waste your time. WT is full of these things, and the kicker is that NOTHING you do can get rid of it. You can't even PAY to get rid of it.

        All they are designed to do is to upset players, the ultimate "up yours" from R2.


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          i always click & refresh


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            They apparently gave it to an intern to code. The way it works is to keep spinning until it hits 200. You can actually watch it change your stats if your connection is slow.


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              The stupid thing is that the spinning delay is just a variable in the programme. You can easily change it at any stage. Just that R2 wants to make it as long as they can to punish players.