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i have a big issue

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  • i have a big issue

    i have an acc that i cant loggin in anymore. The problem is i changed my pass and now when i want to loggin in it says i have to start all over again to choose a char and etc... why do i have this problem any1 knows?? pls help me..and ty

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    hey there, do you have more than one email ?
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      nope i dont the past i could loggin in normal the name i put and it says to put email and pass...when im in game and click server i used to be..they show me to choose a new char and all these things


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        Please double and triple check if you're logging in the usual way. Also:
        Are you on the right platform? (Kabam, R2, Armor, etc)
        If you normally use an OpenID (Facebook, Google etc) to log in, do so now as well
        Are you trying to get unto the correct server?
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          maybe u started from new server??


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            maybe you pressed 3 instead of 2?
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