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Sylph skills

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  • Sylph skills

    For sylph skills if mine are full (on herc) is it possible to replace a specific skill if I was to purchase a new one?

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    If all the skills are all filled slot wise.. and you purchase a new skill (a sixth skill) when you go to activate it, one will be over written by random chance. This means you do not get a vote or a say in what skill is over written.. sorry.
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      So just another ploy by r2 to get money out of it


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        That's how they want it. If you want something on an established sylph you've had forever, you have to gamble. You have a 1 in 5 chant (or 1 in 3 chance for passive) to replace the skill you want to.

        However, the three times I've gambled like this, I've lost my Delphic each time, and re-gambling it back replaced the new skill, EVERY time.
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          The best way to do sylph skills is to max it's color first which may mean doing evolutions just to get what you want but the it's better than having to buy skills that you once had all over again and again.

          The other thought to it and this is just an idea is to have sylph skill trees much like a toon has where then you can switch and replace skills that you already own without losing any of them.
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            Yeah not going to gamble my money on that