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Thank you for past 2 years.....but fair well.......

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  • Thank you for past 2 years.....but fair well.......

    thanks to r2 games for introducing this game. when i started this game it was such a nice game as it got "hot event panel" which i liked the most as it is not present in any other game, i was facinating new updates(patches) would come and i thought game gonna be toooooooooo awesome but sadly new update comes with new evil thoughts in you, you have made an elite group and became slaves to them and working like a puppets to them. i dont really hate for that because money makes any one to play like that. But seriously guys atleast give respect to every player because one doesn't simple waste his/her time to play ur game for hours unless u have some good content in game that means you have some good talent to introduce such games. But neglecting a player who plays for free as if he is some unknown useless guy is pretty bad because he is using his precious time in playing your game. Introducing such useless events every day.

    I THOUGHT TO STOP PLAYING THIS GAME PREVIOUSLY 3 TIMES AND FAILED, BUT NOW 4TH TIME I AM ABLE TO STOP THIS GAME, because previously i use to facinate about your new updates like slyph system, kid system, marriage system and many more.

    my few reasons why i tried to quit finally,

    1. I have facinated about marriage system gonna be awesome, but as a non casher we have to forget about it.

    2. Slyph equipment was introduced, how in the world do we need to get that blessings of god and other orange items making items atleast you could have made something like horns to get them....only hot events is just ****. no way to gain that. I am seriously saying i havent upgraded atleast one of my purple giaia equipment and it got 60K BR now.

    3. I thought you gonna introduce "KID SYSTEM", but it was an epic fail by introducing endeamon system.
    - firstly getting BLOOD OF ZEWS is a big joke, when ever i open a box it always give 10 BLOOD OF ZEWS from 1 chest, and my ever braking record is 50 BLO OD OF ZEWS from 5 boxes.....
    - even the same thing like slyph equipment, there is no way to gain items required to upgrade endeamon eqipment and it just hot events.

    4. This is about dimentional war system and Cloud adventure:
    - In china servers of wartune Cloud adventure runs every day and here only week ends and you have come up with a plan to cover that with dimentional war.
    - Every thing is going well with dimentional war, and now you introduced pvp system in dimentional war as well and due to this many players gets an dimention used by other guy 30-50% of the times when he/she opened a dimention. This makes no sense because any one of the player gets final reward of clearing all stages in it but additional rewards will be shared equally, why in the world do we get an used dimention which also called as second hand dimention in my view. Both the players are loosing rewards.

    ABOUT HOT EVENTS: I really dont care if the event boxes give rare rewards or not because i dont have faith in lottery system any have. that is not an issue because if u pay you gain some special stuff and i agree with that.

    MY BIGGEST SUGGETION IS: Like many other games i request every item should be obtained in any other way like in daily activities like MPD, spire, atol boss, arena shop and class wars shops etc. It may take time but atleast we get a hope that we can obatain the items at some point in game after some time. If any pleyer want them at the spot u can sell them in hot events or shop you have designed.

    Casher cash because they want some quicker developement in game or due to time issue as cant afford to play them 4-8 hpurs a day.

    1. we can get mahra some how now and we can make an orange slyph at some point in future, but if u cash u can get that in early than usual it looks good and give money to you as well.

    2. Same as normal equipment for toon.

    MY SERIOUS REQUEST IS: I like this game please dont ruin this by such things i mentioned above, what's done is done, atleast make future of this game by giving a hope to players that they can play and gain rewards at some point in future if u play or get them instantly if u cash, it helps you and players as well, please dont be too greedy.

    Last but not least if you have any intention of accepting my suggetion and changing atleast some things, please mail me and i can play the most loved game again, if not fair well i cant afford to play a game like " cash to play ", i need a game like " cash to progress ".

    Thank you once again for giving such a game.
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    fair well

    on other games
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      Byeeeeeeeeee, enjoy
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        In short, Wartune is awesome game ruined by a harsh task master pulling the reins of the game economy.
        Reminds me of Pharoah of Egypt and the Israelites. All the players are just mere slaves...
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          Originally posted by Imonseph View Post
          In short, Wartune is awesome game ruined by a harsh task master pulling the reins of the game economy.
          Reminds me of Pharoah of Egypt and the Israelites. All the players are just mere slaves...
          Not true, since we can quit whenever we want.
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